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Lost 1000 credits in a snap

Surya SankarSurya Sankar, Co-Founder, In... (more)
8 upvotes by Viola Yee, Tatiana Estévez, Mark Hamric, Quora User, Keith R. Lavimodiere, (more)
I just wrote an answer Surya Sankar's answer to Why is communism considered evil? and then promoted it to 200 people. Almost instantly I got a message saying your answer has reached all 200 people and 1000 credits were deducted from my account. But the number of views remained in single digits. Obviously this is a bug. Now I don't know how to file bug reports and hot to get my grievance redressed in Quora. I don't see any customer support mail id anywhere. So I am posting here in the hope that some Quora admin will take note.
I am already credit starved. Please don't take from the have-nots.


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Surya Sankar
Surya Sankar