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The Android quora app has problems!

Ugh it says I promoted this and I lost a 1000 points
Now that's a distinction by Pritesh Kalantri on Garrick's Funny Pictures Board

I have no clue how thats happened!  And apparently it says its already reached 200 people so goodbye 1000 points :/
Is there some auto promotion if you like an article that I am not aware of ?

Coming to the app - The android app just stops on you - I've sent a few ANR(Android not responding) reports by now. The scroll just does not work sometimes and I have to keep killing the app and restarting.
And many times I end up pressing another button when I am aiming for some other buttons because of the scrolling issues.
And I get this a lot!

Where do I post these issues? I am thinking this is how I ended up promoting it because I cant find another explanation!

I have a new Galaxy S2 and I dont have any issues with any other apps that I have.


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